Paris should stop forgetting she has a blog. Paris should start posting more often. Paris really needs to study more. If Paris set realistic goals she would probably do better, but since she doesn’t know how to do that she is struggling. Paris will do a post some time before the end of next week. My goal is to have a realistic goal.


I was writing a journal about SHINee but it made me sad so I don’t want to continue writing it… I am proud of myself for writimg it though. My writing is still very bad in Korean but if I keep at this, it can only get better. Now I have to write an entire journal again since I wont finish the one I started. I will write a happier one this time.

I’ve come to you all with a question. Should I make a Korean studyblr? If you have been here since the beginning then you would know that there is a reason I didn’t make a tumblr in the first place. As of right now I don’t remember that reason, so I hope it wasn’t that important. There is this other Korean Studyblr that has really inspired me and now I really want to make one. I don’t know if this will actually help me but I feel like creating one will keep me accountable for my studies because I believe I will have some what of a bigger following ( studyblrs have become very popular). If I do make the Tumblr it would not take away from this blog at all, if anything I will probably post a lot more, some of it will just be the same content as the Tumblr. Hmm should I do it? I think I will but I will give it some thought before I make a decision, perhaps visit my original reason for not making it originally.


This week has been…

This week has been… hard.  I am thanking God that tomorrow is Sunday, so that I can start a new week that is hopefully better than this week. Though the last 4 weeks for me have been pretty stressful, but as I’ve said before I wont talk about it unless I can say it in Korean because this is a Korean learning blog and not a journal. However, I am here to talk about my lack of studying this week and the cram studying I will do after this post is posted.

Last Sunday night, I planned out what I would study the next day. I believe it was something along the lines of revisiting conjunctions, writing a couple sentences about my family, and doing the self- introduction video that I have put off for the longest time. Though I wasn’t excited about the intro video, I was very excited to study after such a long time. I had plans to study everyday this week, with lessons feeding off of the one I planned for Monday, until I woke up to some very sad news Monday morning. I am not going to go into depth about what happened, but in short one of my favorite artists from my all time favorite group, Kim Jonghyun had passed. Again I wont go into depth but I basically owe my entire interest into Korea and Korean to SHINee. They were the first kpop group that I found out about and got in to, so they are the reason I started learning Korean, made this blog, went to Korea, and plan to go to Korea again. Long story short because of such sudden, heart-breaking news I did not study at all this week and I’m really upset about it. I am hoping that I will be able to study properly this week and I really hope that this is a better week for everyone. My prayers are going out to everyone affected by this and mental health problems in general.

I’m going to stop this post now because I could go on and on about everything that happened this week but I chose to keep this post relatively short and attempt to start healing. That being said I am about to do what I had planned for Monday and hopefully some more. I am also going to try and pick out a new book to study with. Alright everyone 안녕!



종현 소고했어요! 여러분 수고했요. 사랑해요.


Hello.. How are you

Hello everyone. I hope you sang the title of this post in Adele’s voice. Oh my gosh its been so long I’ve missed this. I’ve missed giving updates, procrastinating giving updates, studying. I have missed it all. All this talk about missing this, but where the heck have I been? Well long story short… College happened. As you all know right after my trip to Korea, I went straight into preparing for college and then leaving for college and unfortunately I have not been able to open a TTMIK book or HTSK since then. ITs been a really long time since I’ve been able to study Korean and I’m quite upset about it. Though I could give an extensive list of all the other reasons I have not been able to study. I shall spare everyone reading this. So lets talk about the future instead! As soon as my first semester is over and I pass French with a decent enough grade. I will be diving head first into studying Korean. I have high hopes for myself this year and I know that I can achieve them if I put the effort into them. Also I’m pretty sure my school has some type of resources that can help me.

I think that is all I had to say for right now. I really just needed to prove (to myself) that I still have that same passion for learning Korean as I used to. So I shall see y’all later!


P.S. Hopefully I will have good news to share as it gets closer to the end of the school year so keep your fingers crossed.



한국어 한국어 한국어

Hello everyone! I am back from the dead aka college yay!! Have I told yall how much I love learning Korean. Have I ever told yall why I love learning Korean? No? I haven’t and that’s because I don’t know why I love it so much. Besides the fact that I love learning languages in general, I have no specific reason why I love Korean specifically. It really upsets me I haven really been able to study since I came from Korea. Right after the trip I didn’t have much time to dedicate to studying because I was leaving for college pretty soon after. I guess I’m not upset about that just a bit bummed but hey I am in college now. I really hope to get back into pretty soon. like this week pretty soon. I miss it so much. My biggest fear is that I would never be able to continue learning it now that I am in school. It really scares me but hey I am willing to make sacrifices for it like giving up my social life….. Lol I don’t even have one to give but if I did I would give it up for Korean.  Two posts ago I said that I hoped to get back into it once I had a job and I do have one now so 👍😁. However, with my whole French situation I am 1) terrified that I wont know anything and will be terrible at it, 2) terrified that I wont be able to manage everything, 3) terrified that actively studying Korean will make me even worst at French but I doubt I can get any worse, and 4) besides actually learning Korean right now, I am terrified that my love for it will go away. That’s a lot of fears I have right now and even though I know that they are all unlikely, they are legitimate fears, considering all that I’m going through.

With all that being said I think I’m going to start out small. Maybe just get back into the vocab for right now until I get the swing of college and all of it’s responsibilities. I am really looking forward to it though. Just thinking about it right now has improved my mood. I am going to end this post right here so I can go study some vocab! 다음에 봐!


I’m struggling you guys

First of all….UGh. Okay I had to get that out first. That’s how I feel every time I go to French class. Do you all remember when I first started this blog, I believe it was one of my first post, I think I briefly mentioned me knowing and learning French. At that time I believe I was still actively taking a French class and actually enjoying it. Now that I am in college I am required to take another semester of French and I am absolutely hating it. Something that I was once so good at and loved is now the thing I hate the most. It’s not even the French language, because I still love French and like I’ve said before I would love to continue learning it once I think I am at an adequate level of Korean. However at the moment I am not a level of Korean I am happy at. I hope to one day be able to write and have a full intellectual conversations in Korean and right now I am not at that point (and I’m not mad about that), but as soon as I get there I would go back to learning and hopefully love learning French again. Please notice that I said “love learning”. I am absolutely hating French right now. My teacher is okay and the class isn’t hard. Its just that I have not actively practiced any French since my first post on this blog and maybe even a bit before that, so my knowledge of it now is zilch. I have also had no desire to learn French since I began learning Korean and as I said before learning Korean is the thing that makes me that happiest right now. So I’m really struggling. *sigh* I don’t wish to have the desire to learn French anymore I just wish I could still speak it as well as I used to (because I was darn good at it!). 어떡해?



Gosh I miss studying Korean so much. I keep reaching for my notebook and I keep thinking about HTSK ( and TTMIK is having a sale right now) I’m really just trying to focus and get acclimated to school and all that fun stuff. I’m planning on resuming next week if I start working this week. If I don’t start working this week than I will resume the following week for sure, if I can even wait that long. I do know for sure that my first paycheck will be going towards 2 TTMIK books.

That’s  all I had to say for right now. I really just had to vent about my studying withdrawals beofore I explode. So until next time 안녕 😊


I really can’t wait to get back to doing Korean. I took a week break from studying because I started college on Saturday. Well… I moved into my dorm on Saturday but my classes do not start until Monday. It’s been a really busy week trying to get adjusted to college life especially since I am away from home but I know that I will get easier. I’m really excited to get back into a routine of school, work, Korean etc.. . There’s a lot of things I really want to do at school as well. I plan on doing the radio channel here at school as well as join the dance team all while maintain at least a 3.4 GPA  (and not die). And unfortunately for me I will be taking French again. I really did think I was done with that language for the time being since I began learning Korean. This really scares me because I really struggle with learning more than one language at once. I know I’ve said this before but learning Korean is the thing that makes me the happiest right now. So the thought of not being able to do that or not being able to do it well or as much as I want really scares me. If It comes to it I will drop one of the clubs that I’m in to make time for it but I really don’t want to have to do that. Okay let me stop talking about the unfortunate things I’m going through and lets talk about the good. Hopefully next year I will have the opportunity to go back to Korea and study abroad.

All in all I am really excited for this year. I know it is going to be a hard one and definitely a stressfully one but I’m looking forward to it.



And just like that…

And just like that I am back at home in the U.S… OMG I had the most amazing time in Korea. I already miss it so much and I’m so excited to go back again in the future. There will be a much better post tommorow about my vacation adventures. 그래서 기다려주세요!